Boston Museum of Science (Boston, MA)



This museum is huge and covers a diverse set of topics!  Animals, physics, geology, computer science, math, biology, and more!  Some of the exhibits were interactive, but most of them were old school look-at-object-and-read-about-it types.  The electricity demonstration with the Tesla coil was awesome!  It’s definitely worth checking out!

Rating:  Monkey / Alien (4.5/5)



3 responses to “Boston Museum of Science (Boston, MA)

  1. The lightening show is amazing, no! I used to love going when I was a kid.

  2. One of my all time favorite memories growing up is being taken here by my dad for a Star Trek exhibit. It was pretty awesome and I have all of these pictures of uniforms and costumes from the experience. Skip ahead probably 15 years later, and I found myself doing the same thing at another Star Trek exhibit in Detroit. Some things never change!

  3. Wow so amazing!! Love the rating system =D

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