Chabot Space & Science Center (Oakland, CA)

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The Chabot Space and Science Center is located in a beautiful regional park in the Oakland Hills.  (You can even camp there!)  Obviously, the museum is space-focused, with rinky-dink exhibits on outer space and space flight memorabelia.  Admission comes with TWO shows — one planeterium and one IMAX show.  Perhaps overkill.  However, the museums features three large telescopes, with free viewings every Friday and Saturday night.  Bad.  Ass.

Rating:  Fish (3/5)


4 responses to “Chabot Space & Science Center (Oakland, CA)

  1. man, I think I need to go here – I love love love space oriented experiences…

  2. The telescopes look really cool! You never know what you may find =D.

  3. That looks awesome!!! Btw, I love your rating system. =D

  4. They also offer dinner nights where you get to enjoy a dinner, IMAX movie and use the telescopes! It’s a pretty interesting event to take advantage of. At Fox Rent A Car Bolg we shared a post about the Chabot Space and Science center as well, with information about the museum and the dinner nights.
    Thanks for your post!

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