Boston Museum of Science (Boston, MA)



This museum is huge and covers a diverse set of topics!  Animals, physics, geology, computer science, math, biology, and more!  Some of the exhibits were interactive, but most of them were old school look-at-object-and-read-about-it types.  The electricity demonstration with the Tesla coil was awesome!  It’s definitely worth checking out!

Rating:  Monkey / Alien (4.5/5)



California Academy of Science (San Francisco, CA)


The California Academy of Science looks and feels green and hip!  It’s got a bumpy “living” roof — one bump for the planetarium and the other for the rain forest.  It’s got an aquarium, a colorful coral tank, an itty-bitty rainforest, old school “africa” diorama hall, and penguins.  Sadly, the museum failed to live up to its potential for greatness.  There wasn’t as much to see as I’d hoped, and it was very biology- focused.   Is the hype justified?  I’m not so sure.

Rating:  Fish (3/5)


Randall Museum (San Francisco, CA)


(by rosencruz sumera via panoramio)

The Randall Museuum is a small science museum and community center near the top of Corona Heights, just a mile away from our house!  The interactive exhibits are a little dinky, though there is a small petting zoo and some fun animals to see!  I still love this place though — the center offers interesting talks, adult and family education classes (ceramics, woodworking), and hosts a science fair.  One of those low-key gems of San Francisco!

Rating:  Monkey (4/5)monkey


Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley, CA)


(by matt!)

The Lawrence Hall of Science is nestled in the Berkeley hills.  It has a spectacular view of Berkeley, the bay, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and Marin! Although there is plenty of space inside the museum, the exhibits are disappointing — some old seismographs, a projection of the earth, a 20 seat planeterium with live narration, and an exhibit on bugs.  Go for the views and enjoy the rest of your day somewhere else.

Rating:  Mushroom (2/5)shroom

Cosmo Caixa (Barcelona, Spain)


Four stories of fun!  This museum is huge and airy.  The exhibits cover an impressive spread of topics — geology, numbers, animals, rainforests, astronomy, and more!  It has a large interactive section, like the Exploratorium in San Francisco, except that all of these exhibits worked.  In a word, awesome!  Book your flight to Barcelona now :)

Rating:  Alien (5/5)  rating